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Le soin énergétique quantique

WEBINAIRE GRATUIT : Lundi 6 mai à 19h45



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💜Ce qu'est le soin énergétique quantique "Quantum Touch"

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Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy

Quantum Touch® 

a simple and effective method of healing.

You want to

Learn to use the natural power of your hands to help relieve pain and promote healing around you,

Learn an energy healing method to develop a new business, without spending years in it.

As a therapist, to add a string to your bow to strengthen your care and create new opportunities for yourself through energetics.

Energie dans les mains

You have no experience in energy? 
After the 2-day workshop you will be able to help 
to relieve pain and promote healing around you.

You have "something in your hands" but don't know how to use it?
You will learn how to use it easily and effectively. 

Are you a therapist?
The Quantum Touch® can be used alone and also perfectly in combination with various practices:
kinesitherapy, osteopathy, reflexology, massage, reiki, shiatsu, ..

Soin sur un genou

Quantum Touch® Level 1
2-days workshop

Use the natural power of your hands.
A simple healing methodaccessible to everyone !

It is a beautiful experience for everyone to see how, after 2 days of workshop, we are able to "facilitate" the healing of those around us and our own.


Both simple and powerful, the Quantum Touch® technique, once learned and mastered, is acquired for life and can be used in all circumstances.


Learning breathing techniques coupled with visualization of energy flow in the body helps to raise the vibration rate in the hands and thus helps others to heal themselves.

In these two days, you will learn:


  • How to work with energy without losing energy yourself.

  • How to use the breath to amplify your personal energy

  • How to perform a healing without giving your own energy

  • How to relieve pain and promote healing without being a specialist in the human body.

  • How to carry out treatments at a distance

  • How to work with energy without losing energy yourself

  • If you are a therapist, how to combine Quantum Touch® with the practices you already use and make your treatments even more effective.

The workshop

  • is conducted in Tervuren, close to Brussels,

  • in small groups,

  • focusing on hands-on exercises,

  • with individual or group sessions between participants,


so that everyone feels comfortable practicing Quantum Touch right after the workshop.

The workshop is accessible both to people who have never received or given energy healing and to people who are already practicing it.

« Ce qui m’a séduit, c’est le fait que ce soit une formation en petit groupe.

Durant la formation, j'ai été stupéfiée de l’effet  qu’avait les soins sur moi lors de la pratique !

Un effet sensationnel de paix intérieure !


Il y avait un bon équilibre entre la partie théorie et les exercices.

Tout est énergie et je l’ai vraiment ressenti et expérimenté !

Avant la formation, je me demandais si vraiment

« c’était mon truc », si j’allais me lancer là-dedans.


Et aujourd’hui, c’est clair pour moi,  j’y vais ! »


Workshop session
Group Workshop session
Group Workshop session
Group Workshop session
Workshop session hips balance
Workshop session

Exercices :
Session by two

Session in group

Session by distance

Free Ressource

You ask yourself questions about "energy healing": why and how it "works", the applications, ... 


I answer all these questions and help you discover the Quantum Touch in the guide

I offer you!

Everyone has a natural healing power in their hands.


Experience it with the exercises in this guide!

Ebook Quantum Touch En.png

Face-to-face workshop :

The workshop takes place :

  • In Tervuren, 2 steps away from Brussels,

  • 2 jours, from 9:30 till 17:30

  • In small group

Atelier en ligne :

L’atelier se déroule :

  • De chez toi, via zoom, en direct.

  • Sur 2 jours de 9h30 à 17h30 ou
    sur 3 jours de 9h30 à 15h30,

  • En petit groupe

  • Les exercices se font en utilisant directement le soin à distance, ce qui donne d'aussi bons résultats.

Practical informations

Quantum Touch 
Level 1

English : On demand


October Friday 6 and Saturday 7th

French virtual:  

October Sa 14st & Su 15th 

November Mo 20st & Tu 21st 

Dutch :

October Sa 28th & Su 29th

To register in French or Dutch 
Please go to this langage of the website.

Healing within reach

Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy
I would like to be kept informed

of the next dates :


Location : 

Tervuren - close to Brussels

Schedule : 

Day: from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Fees :

300€ for a first participation in the  workshop. 

150€ if you have already attended the workshop (your certificate will be requested)

- from 18 years old : 150€ 

The above rates are imposed by Quantum Touch Inc.

What they say about it

Testimonial about the worshop

Témoignagev du cours

To combine Quantum Touch to her

current practice as a physiotherapist:


Super nice training, very attentive facilitator, nice sharing.

The results are amazing!


I didn't think I could do it and already after the first day I had results!  


We realise the importance of breathing!  

Very friendly atmosphere in a small group.

Nice experience.


After these 2 days I really see the interest of combining the Quantum Touch with my reflexology practice.

My treatments will be much more effective.

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