What is an energy healing?

Our body has an amazing ability to heal itself and sometimes it needs a help to function optimally. 

The energy that surrounds us is channeled in my hands to bring this support to the body. Today largely proven by quantum mechanics, these healings bring amazing, effective and very concrete results in the reduction of pain and promoting optimal wellness.

Who can benefit a Quantum Touch® healing ?


Adults and children, babies and the elderly.

When choose for a Quantum Touch® healing?

  • for a discovery session,

  • in case of inflammatory problems: tendonitis, arthritis...

  • in case of structural alignment problems: scoliosis, misaligned hips, low back pain, neck pain, scoliosis ... and more generally back pain and sciatica.

  • in case of headache (migraine),

  • in case of fatigue, weariness, lack of energy...

How does a Quantum Touch® session work?


Standing up, sitting down or sometimes lying down and dressed, all you have to do is remain aware of the sensations that may appear in your body, either at the place of your problem to be solved or elsewhere in your body, the sensations being specific to each person.
The use of specific techniques, allows the practitioner to raise the vibration of his hands, which will resonate with the frequencies of your body to help it regenerate to the cellular level and allow healing.

The session begins with a short interview and lasts about 1 hour, but this duration can be variable and sometimes shorter from the 2nd session onwards depending on the type of healing required.

What does it feel like during
the session?


During the session, various natural phenomena can be felt.

For example, sensations of heat or tingling, sometimes even in parts of the body far from the area where the practitioner's hands are located.

Pain and symptoms may diminish, move or intensify for a while before diminishing or disappearing.

All of these phenomena are completely natural and vary from person to person. They are the manifestation of the energy that begins its work of cleansing and healing.

After the session



The energy work will continue to work for a few days and some sensations may continue to be felt, before gradually fading away.

Session of 1h : 65€

Sometimes other time slots than those

offered online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 

Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy


Healing sessions :

restore the body's innate ability to heal and free itself from pain...

Quantum-touch, la guérison à notre portée
Quantum Touch : Equilibrage des hanches Lifenergy
Quantum Touch : Equilibrage des hanches Lifenergy

Hips offset by several centimeters: 

Source of back or knee pain. After a few minutes of treatment, the body returns to equilibrium.

An 83-year-old with a tibia injury

that is not healing. 

15-minute treatment with 3 people during a workshop.

2 days later, the wound is healing well!

Quantum Touch : activation de la guérison Lifenergy


For any problem related to your health, please always consult first and foremost

your attending physician, who is your only authorized referent. 

Well-being techniques are in no way a medical or paramedical practice.