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Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy

Quantum Touch®
restore the body's innate
healing capacity

What is Quantum-Touch®?

Quantum-Touch® (QT®) is an amazingly effective energy work, a healing method developed by Richard Gordon.

The concept of life energy is becoming more and more familiar. The terms 'energy', 'Chi', 'prana' all define the flow of energy in our bodies, the balance of which is the guarantor of health. If this energy is blocked or unbalanced, illness or pain sets in.

This energy is present at all times, but we are not aware of it and it remains for us an abstract and mysterious notion, because we have not learned to feel it, nor to use it.

How Quantum-Touch® 
works ?

In Quantum Touch®, the practitioner uses, among other things, breathing techniques that allow him to raise his vibration level and energy. When using his hands to bring this vibration field closer to an area of pain, tension or inflammation, the practitioner considerably raises the person's vibration level. A free flow of vital energy is then re-established. Quantum Touch ® thus helps to activate the body's enormous potential for self-healing.

Quantum Touch® therefore aims to rebalance this vital energy and improve the overall balance of the body. It is suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly. It is compatible with all other therapies and increases the effectiveness of treatments. However, everyone will react to the treatment in a different way according to their feelings and needs. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds for the " client " to feel the energy shifts, sometimes it can take longer. It can be a feeling of heat, cold, vibrations, tingling.

What can Quantum-Touch® be used for ?

 The Quantum Touch® helps treat inflammatory pain, relieve back pain, muscle aches, migraines, correct a postural problem, relieve fatigue, and increase energy.

The QT® practitioner is not the 'healer', he is just a catalyst, a 'facilitator'.

It is the receiver who heals himself. All the Quantum Touch® does is help and accelerate this self-healing process.

The effects of



  • Accelerates the healing process.

  • Helps with both physical and emotional symptoms. For example: infections, inflammations, liver problems, eye problems, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

  • Brings noticeable changes in structural problems such as Scoliosis, Cyphosis and Lordosis. It is not the practitioner who moves the vertebrae but the self-healing and intelligence power of the body that acts.

  • Accelerates the healing of injuries, fractures and bone deformities.

  • QT® has a remarkable effect in postoperative cases, traumas, burns.

  • Gives good results in cases of emotional imbalances.

  • QT® has excellent results in babies, animals and people under narcosis.

There are also very good results in remote treatment.


Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy


Want to learn this simple and effective technique?

It's within everyone's reach!

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