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"Towards a reconnection to our his deep being"

Il avait un joli nom mon guide... Nathalie

Gilbert Bécaud

Thérapeute Holistique

An atypical journey...


I trained as an industrial engineer in electronics and worked for 20 years in industry as a technical salesperson. Very soon I became interested in the spiritual field and personal development.

Wishing to strengthen my skills in 'human relations', I trained as a coach.

In 2008 I changed my career orientation to the field of training, which has always been a passion for me.

I worked for 13 years as an in-company trainer, creating the Training Academy for a company in the food sector.

Nathalie Gerard - Thérapeute holistique - Lifenergy
Nathalie Gerard - Thérapeute holistique - Lifenergy

« A massage discovery weekend
that changed my life »

"By chance" and always with this vision of using my hands, I followed a workshop of relaxing massage, it was my second revelation. I love touch!
I continued with the muscle relaxation approach through back massage and Swedish massage.


« The massage of the soul through the body »


Seeking to combine my two skills - energetics and massage - therapist Philippe Mouchet introduced me to Initiatic Massage: a therapeutic massage, a massage of the soul through the body, for a return to the depths of oneself... such a definition quickly convinced me!

4 years of intensive training to become a therapist in Initiatic Massage and Quantum Body Therapy.

And the journey is not over yet, as I am regularly upgrading my skills to serve in the best possible way.

« Helping others with my hands »


A little phrase that lingers in the mind for years... until one day...

« What a joy it was to discover Quantum Touch® which allowed me to use my hands and their energy!
Learning it was a first revelation for me »


After becoming a Quantum Touch practitioner, my job as a trainer naturally led me to become an instructor to feed my passion for sharing my knowledge.

My mission:
"To plant the seeds of wellness
and awakening consciousness".

Everyone is responsible for their own health and well-being.
And if listening to each other and a treatment or massage can give a boost to progress on the way to oneself or to feel better, my goal is achieved.

My values of listening, respect and benevolence make each encounter with the other a special moment.

What drives me :


The pleasure of transmitting, the pleasure of massaging, the pleasure of the present moment, and then the pleasure of bringing well-being to those around me and helping them to regain responsibility for their lives.

Nathalie Gerard - Thérapeute holistique - Lifenergy Massage bien-être
Nathalie Gerard - Thérapeute holistique - Lifenergy
Logo main nom black.png

Lifenergy : life energy: that which is indispensable for our journey on this earth and which I wish to transmit to support you on this path.


Holistic therapy: therapy that takes into account the whole human being.

My background as a holistic therapist :

  • Certified Quantum Touch Instructor 

  • Certified Therapist in Thêta Healing

  • Certified Therapist in Quantum Body Therapy and Initiatic Massage

  • Energetic balancing level 1&2 - Oviloroy method

  • Certified Coach

  • Lots of reading...

Location of treatments and workshops

I welcome you at my home, on the 2nd cosy floor of my house in Tervuren, in the heart of a quiet dead end...

Close to the forest and the park as well as to the main roads and Brussels. 

Ambiance Lifenergy
Some other courses :

  • Ikigai Coach

  • Quantum Allergy

  • Kinesiology

  • EFT

  • Stressed back massage and Swedish massage

  • Lomi-Lomi Massage

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