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Quantum Touch

Le soin énergétique quantique


Would you like to know more about using the natural power of your hands to help with healing

and discover the fabulous energy healing

technique of Quantum Touch?

Learn to use the natural power of your hands to help relieve pain and promote healing around you,

Learn an energy healing method to develop a new business, without spending years in it.

As a therapist, to add a string to your bow to strengthen your care and create new opportunities for yourself through energetics.

Discover the Quantum Touch® !

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An atypical path...

My early life was very cartesian!

Both within the family, my engineering studies, and my first 20 years of career. 

Very quickly I became interested in the spiritual field and personal development.

I have always been interested in the "human".

After training as a coach, I reoriented my career towards the field of corporate training. That was 16 years ago.


Over the last 6 years, my interests have evolved further.
I developed a therapist activity as a complementary activity.
A restructuring in the company allowed me to take the step to become self-employed.

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Currently, I have chosen to devote my skills to :

"Helping people to (re)take responsibility

for their lives and reconnecting with themselves".


A touch with kindness,

an energy of the heart that passes through my hands,

an empathetic ear,

the desire to help people develop,

to find what makes them thrive!


+32 478.22.37.47

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