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"Towards a reconnection to our his deep being"

Evolve my knowledge

Quantum Touch : A simple healing method

2-day workshop to learn this simple method of healing.

Learn how to help heal through energetic healing. Suitable for those who are new to energetics as well as for therapists who will perfectly combine this method with their treatments.

Quantum Touch The power to heal Lifenergy

Bring back life in your life ! Find your Ikigaï

Live online workshop of 6 x 2 hours to put meaning back into your life.

A quest to find what makes you get up

in the morning!
A journey towards you to realise

everything that vibrates within you!

rectangle blanc.JPG

Introduction to energy healing to help each other as a family

1 day workshop to discover energy healing. Adults & Teens.

What if a migraine, a backache, various pains could be easily alleviated, in a natural way, simply with the energy of the hands?

It's within everyone's reach!

Initiation to  energy healing Lifenergy
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