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Initiation aux soins energetiques Lifenergy

Become actor of your health

What if a migraine, a backache or any other pain could be easily and naturally alleviated
and in a natural way?

Pique-nique en famille

You wish to :

  • Use alternative methods to promote your health and that of your family?

  • To be able to relieve small aches and pains in a natural way?

  • To help you recover more quickly after an operation or an illness?

  • To discover energy healing and use it in your family circle?

Famille qui joue
Mains qui soignent un enfant _.jpg

To do this, how about 

  • Learning to use the natural power of your hands?

  • Investing 1 day of your time to learn a treatment that you can use for the rest of your life?

  • Discover the natural healing power of your body?

A natural reaction to pain...

We all have the reflex to put our hand on our belly when it is tugging, to rub our knee when we hit it, to pass our hand on our forehead when our head is sore...

This natural gesture comes from our innate ability to activate the energy of our hands.

And we have forgotten this ability. And yet we all have the power to make it happen!

How can we re-learn this innate ability?

Using your hands to do yourself good and to promote healing is in fact using the energy of your hands and therefore performing "energy healing".
And learning energy healing is within the reach of EVERYONE!

Soin cheville.jpg
Soin Genou.jpg

What could you do with the initiation 
to energy healing?

In the family context, to help :

  • Relieve migraines,

  • Relieve back pain, stomach ache, ...

  • Accelerate a healing process,

  • Accelerate the healing of injuries, burns and fractures.


This method is suitable for everyone,

from babies to the elderly,


For any problem related to your health, please always consult first and foremost your attending physician, who is your only authorized referent. 

Well-being techniques are in no way a medical practice.

How to learn this ?

To re-learn how to use your hands "consciously", I invite you to participate in the 1-day (or 2 half-day) training.

At the end of the training you will be able to use the natural power of your hands to help heal yourself and those around you in the family setting.

Once learned and mastered, this "tool" is acquired for life and can be used in all circumstances.


The training takes place in a small group, with an emphasis on practice, with exercises on top of each other so that everyone feels comfortable practicing at the end of the workshop.

Formation soin énergétique.jpg

Whho is this workshop for?

  • For Moms, Dads, adults and teenagers who want to help each other to reduce the small pains and discomforts of everyday life.

  • The workshop is open to everyone from 16 years old, without any prerequisite except the desire to discover.


​Who is this workshop not for?

  • People who already practice energy healing.

  • People who want to use energy healing in a broader way or in combination with another therapeutic practice. For these people, I recommend the 2-day Quantum Touch course, which is more complete.

In this video I explain you
how energy healing happens

Are you wondering if you can do this too?
Do the exercise with me!

Everyone can learn and perform energy healing to relieve pain!

I invite you to do a video exercise with me, which will allow you to realise that

you too can easily feel something in your hands


Click on the button below so that I can send you the video:

Practical informations

Face-to-face workshop :

The workshop takes place :

  • In Tervuren, 2 steps away from Brussels,

  • 1 day or 2 * 1/2 days

  • In small group

Atelier en ligne :

L’atelier se déroule :

  • De chez toi, via zoom, en direct.

  • Sur 2 jours de 9h30 à 17h30 ou
    sur 3 jours de 9h30 à 15h30,

  • En petit groupe

  • Les exercices se font en utilisant directement le soin à distance, ce qui donne d'aussi bons résultats.

Dates et particpation

Workshop 2022

English :

November Saturday 12th: 9:30-16:45

December Th 1st & Fr 2d: 9:30-13:00


November Th 17 & Fr 18: 9:30-13:00

December Saturday 28th9:30-16:45

Dutch :

November Th 24 & Fr 25: 9:30-13:00

December Thursday 29th9:30-16:45 

Yes, I'm so excited to learn
this great healing technique!
I register now!

Helping each other as a family

Initiation aux soins energetiques Lifenergy

I would like to be kept informed

of the next dates :


  • Adult : 125 €

  • Student : 80€

  • Teen : 15 à 19 ans : 65€

  • 1 Adult + 1 Teen : 190€ => 170€

Early Birds : 

(Registration and payment 1 month

before the date of the workshop)

    Adult :                       125€ => 115€

    Student :                    80€ =>  70€

    Teens : 12 to 19 :         65€ =>  55€

    1 Adult + 1 Teens :      190€ => 160€

I wish that a financial difficulty is not

an obstacle to take a training. I

f this is the case, do not hesitate to contact me.

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