Initiation aux soins energetiques Lifenergy

Introduction to energy healing
to help each other as a family

Accessible to everyone !

One-day workshop :
Adults and Teenagers from 12 years 

Initiation aux soins energetiques Lifenergy

(Re)find control over your well-being and that of your loved ones!

And what if a migraine, a backache, various pains could be easily alleviated, in a natural way, simply with the energy of the hands?

It's within everyone's reach!

A natural reaction to pain...


We all have the reflex to put our hand on our belly when he pulls, to rub our knee when we hit it, to put our hand on our forehead when the head is painful...

This natural gesture comes from our innate ability to activate the energy of our hands.

And we have forgotten this ability.

And yet we all have the power to do otherwise!

For which indications and for whom?

In the family context, to help :

  • Relieve migraines,

  • Relieve back pain, stomach ache, ...

  • Accelerate a healing process,

  • Accelerate the healing of injuries, burns and fractures.


This method is suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly, and everyone will react in a different way according to their feelings and needs.


How to learn it?


By participating in a one-day workshop.


1 day of initiation is enough to be able, in the family context, to "facilitate" our healing and that of those around us.


This method, once learned and mastered, is acquired for life and can be used in all circumstances.


The introductory workshop takes place in small groups, maximum 8 people, with an emphasis on practice, with exercises in pairs so that everyone feels comfortable to practice as soon as the workshop is over.

Practical information

Location :

Tervuren - close to Brussels

Schedule : 

Day: from 10 am till 5 pm

2 mornings: from 9:45 am till 1 pm
2 evenings: from 7 pm till 10:15 pm
Fees :

Adult : 110 €.

Student : 75€.

Teenagers: 12 to 19 years old: 60€.

1 Adult + 1 Teenager: 150€.

Early Birds : 

(Registration and payment 1 month before the date of the workshop)

    Adult :                       110€ => 100€

    Student :                    75€ =>  65€

    Teens : 12 to 19 :         60€ =>  50€

    1 Adult + 1 Teens :      150€ => 140€

I wish that a financial difficulty is not an obstacle to take a training. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact me.

Helping each other as a family

Initiation aux soins energetiques Lifenergy

Workshop Agenda

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