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Lever de soleil sur le champ de blé


You have the right to live 

a life that thrills you!


Bring life back to your life:

Find your Ikigai!

A journey to find what make
you get up

the morning !

A journey towards you to realize all that vibrates within you!

As child we had dreams.

And often adults broke them with words:  "There are no openings", "it's not a job  that pays "," few people are chosen"," first studiy to get a diploma, then you can do what you want "...

Or maybe our parents had dreams for us,  "In the family we are doctors, lawyers, .."  

Our choices were then guided by their dream, by the need for success, by their fear of failure,  by their need for image.

We studied, got a first job,  sometimes we  changed jobs by obligation, and we  setteled into a routine. We have settled down, we have  created a family, we bought a place to live, and we are caught by the daily routine of “metro-work-sleep”.

We feel stressed, tired, without energy ...

and we don't understand why.

Days go by and life becomes

heavy  and lacks meaning.

Enfant endormi
Lever de soleil sur le champ de blé

Put the focus back on

what makes you tick

in life !!

Ikigai : Cap sur ce qui te fait vibrer
Ikigai : Cap sur ce qui te fait vibrer

I don't know what's preventing you from feeling full of energy today.

But I know on the other hand that we all have things in us that make us tick,

talents and skills, things to bring to the world.

You are unique and you have the right to live a life that thrives!

Ikigai : la situation à améliorer
Ikigai : la situation à améliorer

Do you recognize yourself in any
of these situations?


  • You no longer know why you get up every morning,

  • You feel like you no longer know who you are and what drives you,

  • You have been living the same life for years and you want to evolve, to realize yourself and to feel freer,

  • You have decided to change your activity and you finally want to do what you like without really knowing what you like,

  • You need a compass to get your career back on track,

  • You are in your 40's or 50's, you've been around your job and you're looking for a new lease of life, "something else",

  • You are a mother, the children have grown up and you want to get back to a fulfilling work,

  • You feel completely exhausted, overworked and perhaps even "Pre Burn-Out",

  • You come out of a "Burn-Out" and you don't want to make the same mistakes again,

  • You are experiencing a "Bore-Out": you are really bored at work,

  • You are experiencing a "Bronw-Out": your work is out of step with your values, and you find no meaning in it,

  • You will soon finish your professional career and you want to create new life goals and prepare your transition peacefully,

  • You are one of our elders, you no longer have a professional activity and you want to continue to give meaning to your life.

Ikigai : ce que tu désires
Ikigai : ce que tu désires

And you want to

  • feel happy and full of energy,

  • have a meaningful activity,

  • make your contribution to life,

  • have a job that matches your values,
    that doesn't eat up all your energy,

  • regain your balance to restore balance
    in your life and with your loved ones,

  • redefine what is really important to you,

  • finally realise yourself and make your dreams come true!

Ikigai : ce que tu désires
Lever de soleil sur le champ de blé

Je t’invite à t’offrir le temps de te retrouver,

à dé-voiler tes talents et ce qui fais te mets en énergie

pour remettre de la vie dans ta vie !

Oui ! Je veux redonner du sens à ma vie ! 

In Japan, the island of Okinawa has the largest number of centenarians in the world. Besides a healthy diet and being on the move a lot, most people there have one or more Ikigai .

" One what ? »You might ask. An Ikigai .

For them, it is "the salt of life", a "raison for being", "What makes life worth living", "what makes you get up in the morning"; in short, what gives meaning to life!

Transposed into our western culture, Ikigai is the crossroads between what we like/love to do, our talents, qualities and skills, our values and how we want to contribute to the world and what we can be paid for.


6 steps in 6 weeks

to bring your life back on track

by finding your Ikigai

6 workshops of 2 hours,

concrete and inspiring exercises

to bring back your dreams

and what motivates you in life.

Trouver son Ikigai
Lever de soleil sur le champ de blé
Remets le cap sur ta vie, trouve ton ikigai

Put the focus back on

what makes you tick

in life !!

Register quickly to be part

of the next session,

places are limited!

Remets le cap sur ta vie, trouve ton ikigai
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