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"Towards a reconnection to our deep being"

Taking care of yourself during and after illness
professional or family exhaustion
Gently reconnecting with yourself, your body and your life.

Getting through the disease

Illness, such as cancer and professional or family exhaustion (which can lead to burnout), is a period during which it is essential to take care of yourself to regain and maintain your energy.

When the slope is gradually raised,

a path of reconstruction is important.

Reconnect with oneself, with one's body, with one's life.

Maybe try to transform the emotional blockages that led us to this and above all, take the time to rebuild our life by choosing (professional) activities that energize us, brings us meaning and makes us vibrate.

Reconnect with your life
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Specially trained in touch and massage in support of the disease,

I offer you personalized support,

with respect and kindness, at your own pace.

  • Resourcing yourself during the treatment period.

  • Gently reconnecting with your body.

  • Restoring mobility to scarred tissue.

Touch / Well-Being Massage
  • Take a break,
    Take time for yourself,

  • Recharge your batteries gradually.

Touch / Well-Being Massage

Quantum Body Therapy and energy balance

Further on the path to yourself by freeing yourself from emotional blockages

Lifenergy Quantum Body Therapy

Get your life back on track : find your Ikigai !

Take the time to reflect in order to redefine what is important to you, what makes thrive,

what are your talents
and how you want to contribute to the world.

Lifenergy Get your life back on track - find your Ikigai

An on line workshop : Recreate a meaningful

active life

that enriches you.
In french only


For any problem related to your health, please always consult first and foremost your attending physician, who is your only authorized referent. 

Well-being techniques are in no way a medical or paramedical practice.

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