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"Towards a reconnection to our his deep being"


Accompaniment during and after illness or cancer through 
Touch / Well-being Massage

Touch therapy follows a holistic approach and is an invaluable
accompaniment on the way to dealing with illness. 
It allows you to benefit from a caring presence and a listening ear
as well as gentle and respectful gestures.

Cancer and other diseases

During the phase of cancer or illness, feeling good in your body and mind is very important.  The holistic approach  of the treatment takes into account the individual as a whole (physical, emotional, mental, etc.). It brings real comfort and aims to find inner harmony.

The " touch / well-being massage " is a complementary therapy to medical care, allowing to bring comfort and appeasement between and after the treatments as well as to attenuate their side effects, to relax the body and the spirit on the eve of the therapy.

Touch through massage calms pain, relieves muscle tension, provides many benefits by generating relaxation, reduces anxiety and stress, improves quality of sleep, allows for better energy recovery after treatments and provides a deep and lasting sense of well-being.

Touch therapy combined with energy healing allows faster recovery and healing of tissues following surgery, relieves the effects of radiotherapy and strengthens the immune system.


After cancer treatments or surgery

During the period of illness, the body has been abused and transformed. It is important to reconnect with it and re-tame it. Massage allows you, gently, at your own pace, according to your feelings, step by step to reconnect with this body and to better accept it as it is today.
The massage will also help restore flexibility to the tissues and reduce the tension that scars can cause.

Course of the sessions

The first session includes an additional half hour of welcome allowing to get to know each other, to take stock of your state of health, the evolution of your medical care.
A welcome time is planned before each session in order to define together what, at that moment, will bring you the most well-being as a treatment.
The treatment is adapted to your health condition and your treatment. The Massage
 is adapted to the level of gestures, pressures, parts of the body and whether or not you want to keep certain clothes on. It can, if desired, be combined with energy healing.

1 hour session: 70 €  - 1st session plan an appointment of 1h30, same price

1h30 session : 95€

For people undergoing treatment: €10 discount on the current rate.

Sometimes other time slots than those proposed online are available.

Do not hesitate to call me if necessary. 

You wish  offer this moment of relaxation to

someone you know going through an illness ?

It is understood that the treatment does not replace

an ongoing medical treatment.

but accompanies it harmoniously.

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